Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy BBQ Pit- 55-Gal. Drum

Here is an easy BBQ Pit that everyone likes to use on Guam. A 55-gal drum comes in handy and makes a great pit. Of course this idea is not unique to Guam. But because we have such a corrosive atmosphere here other pits do not usually last long.

These drums are readily available on Guam just about everywhere and the price is right, free or very cheap ($5).

Get the drum with the removable lid, that way you don't have to cut it and you can put a handle on it and use the drum as a smoker. The grill and lid from the Weber 21" Kettle BBQ pit fits perfect on a drum.

All you really need to do is cut a rectangular hole on the bottom of the drum for air flow and to insert your choice of fuel. The stand-up model allows for a hot fire but a lot of distance from the meat. Adjust the fire by adding or removing your fuel on the bottom. Here are a few pics of drums in use.

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