Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pork Spare Ribs- Friday Night Dinner Date

My wife Lupe wanted to stay home this past Friday night so I planned a little dinner for our Friday night together. What better way to spend a Friday night than with my best friend and wife with a little BBQ at the same time.

Because it was only the two of us, I dry rubbed a half slab of pork spare ribs with a simple salt, pepper and garlic powder rub. I let this sit in the refer for 6 hours. 

When it came time to grill, due to the rainy weather, I used my little 2 burner gas grill and took care of the ribs muy pronto!! Then I proceeded to grill the cut yard long green beans, sliced eggplants and red hot peppers. Used a little olive oil and salt and pepper on those and added a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on the eggplants.

Lupe prepared her grilled chicken and mango garden salad. 

Here are a couple pictures of our meal...

Grilled pork spare ribs, green beans, sliced eggplant with Parmesan, and red pepper.

Lupe's awesome grilled chicken and mango garden salad topped off with Asian Sesame dressing.

We had a wonderful time and we really enjoyed our meal. 

We always look forward to our Friday nights together.

Another fabulous Friday evening on Guam!!

Until the next time....


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Yummy looking Rueben. Your wife also makes the best looking salads...

Thanks for the pics...


Rueben said...

Thanks Bill. Lupe comes up with the freshest salads and combos.

You have been a busy camper lately Bill. Been having fun following you. Keep it up.

Pray you keep getting great weather for outdoor cooking.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Been hot and humid here. But, who am I to complain to you about hot and humid. You get it everyday... ;)

Rueben said...

Bill, hot and humid weather. That translates into more BBQ and ice-cold drinks. Ain't nothing wrong with that!!!!

Lite er up!!!