BBQGuam Photo Gallery

My wife, Lupe, knows her way around a grill also!!
Guam, Feb. 2012

Kaleb Quinata, Umatac, Guam 2011
Master Griller in Training.

PJ Baza has those short ribs under control.

"Maff" class with Jeff Soriano.

John David and Richard Tareyama acting like Grillmasters. Are those tongs even dirty??

The "boyz" queing it up. And there's Rayyyyy!!!!

Jess on the left and Big JR on the right and....there's Rayyy in the middle.

Carlo Unpingco unwrapping the beef ribs. Carlo is one fast dude!!!

Master Griller VJ Santos applying the finishing touches to the beef ribs.

The BBQ Boys with the Governor of Guam Eddie Baza Calvo at Labor Day 2011, Ypao Beach, Guam.

The sample is going into the abyss of Capt Steph...

My Santa Maria-Style Pit

Deep Fried Chick Tenders Anyone??

Lot, Jeff and Barnie BBQing spare ribs.

Lickie, master chicken griller, with Jeff watching the operation.

BBQ buddy Freek Haan from the Netherlands

2011 Plane Pull BBQer's from Continental Airlines

BBQ Champions Tamuning Mayor's Office

Mark Sayama and si Prim of Guam Homeland Security

Smoke is in the air...the boyz in da hood.

Spare ribs at the beach.

Grillmaster Jeff "El Vaquero" Soriano

Brian Meno doing his "Tang".

My wife Lupe offering up BBQ'd turkey legs and grilled potatoes for lunch.

Pork Loin anyone???

Cynthia "Chincha" Vogelsanger "bobbiting" the kabobs.

Chicken kabobs on the grill and under control.

Ray Garrido, Dededo, Guam hanging brisket to smoke.

Ray Garrido's Brisket.

This damn smoke seems to follow me everywhere I move too.

Oh Yeah....It's party time on Guam!!!!

Ok guys, let's pour a little hot water and scrape off the hair.

Just pulled out of the "La Caja China" and cooling a bit. 

She's sitting on the table. Looks like someone already snagged one of the front legs.

Bulgogi steak and smoked meat.

Spare ribs over red oaks.

A little dinner for the evening.

Cilantro stuffed Huli Huli Chicken

This Huli Huli is ready for you right now!!

Is the camera rolling? Ok, "This Buds for You."

It really is very tender....really!!

He's just like that.

This is my first one....honest.

Umm, Umm, Good.

What do you mean there's no more!!!

If I can just eat a few more before she gets back.

If I can just eat a few more before he gets back...

Yo!!!.....That had a little too much spice.

Damn this is hot, but it is soooo good.

No one messes with my chicken legs!!!

It's almost in there...

You want to go to the hospital!!!  Can we finish eating first?

You found a "what" in the cake?

That is one long spaghetti...

I get the whole pot to myself...

Oh yeah...I'm just thrilled to be here. Can't you tell?

That was Habanero pepper?!!!! Holy #*^%!!!

Sour? Naw...what gave you that idea?

This is only my 10th rib. What is the record? Does my hair still look good?

Am I getting sick? No...why?

Never mind the plate. I'll eat it out of the pot!!

This is my 1st shot of Red Stag..why?

Now this is a cooler!!!

We are happy to be here today!!

Anyone for BBQ'd Skipjack (Trevally)??

Now this is a smoker. Did anyone say UGLY???

Ypao Beach, Tumon, Guam

Not enough beer......yet!!

Marinated Chicken for BBQ.

James Garrido and Hank Fergurgur, Guam Grillers.

Chicken and Mahi Mahi. It's all good!!

 Warming up the smoked meat.

Another day at the beach.

Beautiful beach, empty chairs, gorgeous weather...someone's got to do it.

 Firefighters are truly a brotherhood.

Ronny B. making sure he doesn't run dry.

The bbq pit is the most popular hang out.

Hey, don't burn the chicken dude!!!! Are you Dana Carvey?

BBQ food!!!

Our instructors had a great time at a beautiful location.

We love our instructors!!!

BBQ, Beach, Class Picture....another great day on Guam.

Roasted pork leg (La Caja China)

Thanks for visiting....Adios!!!