Monday, September 26, 2011

Lloyd's Lounge, San Jose, Cali.

No trip to San Jose, California would be complete without a visit to the famous Lloyd's Lounge located in the Blossom Hill Road area of San Jose. This is one unique place.

I learned about Lloyd's during my numerous trips to visit my sister Cynthia and her husband, the wild and wacky John "Mr. Bonejangles" Vogelsanger, who live in San Jose. As a matter of fact they live right next door to the famous Lloyd's Lounge. You see "Lloyd's", as it is so preciously called, is the house right next door to them. Lloyd Jones, the owner of the house, opens up his garage door every afternoon at 4 pm. That signifies that Lloyd's is open for "business. And there is a lot of business that goes on there. But first let me introduce you to the man himself, Lloyd.

Lloyd A.H. Jones

Now Lloyd is a character himself. He is a retired engineer. A real sharp cookie. He stays up on current events and is always willing to discuss the latest news with you. Lloyd is the epitome of a lounge owner. He is also the leader of the Lloyd's "Gang".

Lloyd discussing ""worldly events" with Mr. Bonejangles".

I like Lloyd's because the "regulars" make this place happen. They keep it live. 

Now this is Dan....


You can tell by just looking at Dan, that if you are not careful, he will get you in trouble. And in this case, looks are not deceiving. Just ask me. Dan is a master mechanic. Dan told me he has made all the mistakes a mechanic can make and he promoted himself from a brokanic to his current master mechanic status. Dan knows his stuff. Well, at least he talks a good game. I love you man....(I have to say that because I know Dan will be reading this). Dan also has a sideline business of a flashlight salesman. Dan prides himself on the fact that he can find a flashlight for ALL your needs. Dan's motto is "No job too tough that I can't handle." I believe you Dan!!!!

Here is my brother-in-law John "Mr. Bonejangles" Vogelsanger. We call him Bones for short....

Mr. Bonejangles

Now this picture pretty much tells most of the story. "Bones" is one of those characters that the now deceased singer, Rick James, wrote about in his song, "Superfreak". You know, the kind you don't take home to mamma. Well, I don't know what my sister was thinking but you get what you pay for. Bones is also a very accomplished guitar player. He can accompany any singer anytime and anywhere. He will even play the guitar. Bones is the honorary bartender at Lloyd's and he also stays up on current events, just in case you want to know....just don't get him or Lloyd started.

And here is the Lloyd's Lounge Mascot....

The "Duck"

Now the Duck has a very checkered past according to Lloyd. I asked Lloyd to elaborate. Lloyd told me he would but he might have to kill me. I elected not to know and took the Duck at face, beak in this case, value. I think the Duck personifies the values of Lloyd's Lounge, silent but deadly and if you don't watch out, he will definitely get you in a world of s*#t.

So that is what one would deal with when paying a visit to Lloyd's. And if you are a drinker, you will not be disappointed as they start out every daily opening with their infamous "Red Stag" salute....

"Here's to Lloyd's"

And it's all downhill from there. And that is what many past patrons (visiting family members) have told me. Of course I can vouch for that as I have witnessed this on a few occasions during my brief, but climatic visits to Lloyd's.

Here are a few more pictures of happenings at Lloyd's....

Lloyd's has the proper signage so it's easy to spot from the sidewalk.

Lloyd taking in another shot.

Lloyd has the proper owner's certificate. He has it all.

If your lucky, you can have your cert also. But you have to take a "test". Don't worry, it is not a written test. It's all practical.
"Bones" offers another shot of Red Stag. 

Lloyd taking down another shot.

Bones pours yet another refreshing "cocktail".

I hope that is Dark Beer there Dan and not Coke or Pepsi.

Dan was explaining his flashlight removal or insertion method. I can't remember which. Dan is a very talented guy!!!

The "regulars" at Lloyd's from left to right, Anthony (master carpenter), Mr. Bonejangles (Bones for short), Lloyd (Owner, resident AH and deviant) and right there in front, Dan the master mechanic, soon to take his flashlight show on "America's Got Talent" (You go Dan!!!). Take a good look at this picture. You just know you can trust each one of these blue-blooded Americans. They will take good care of you. They always do.

Well these are just a few of the regulars that you may encounter at Lloyd's in San Jose. I guarantee you that you will be entertained and leave a "different" person. But that doesn't mean you're a bad person.

So if you are ever in the area of Comanche Court, in the Blossom Hill Road area of San Jose around 4 pm., don't pass up an opportunity to pay a visit to Lloyd's Lounge. You'll be glad you did. It's a life changing experience to say the least!!

Oh and BTW, be prompt. Lloyd's closes his doors no later than 6:30 pm every day. They have to go in and do their honey-dos for momma. All you tough guys out there know what I'm talking about. Playtime is over and out.

Come on by for a visit.

Until next time....

Friday, September 23, 2011

BBQ in San Jose, Cali

I stopped by in San Jose to pay a visit to my sister Cynthia and her husband John Vogelsanger. It is always a great experience when I visit them. One just cannot see enough of family.

They typically afford me an opportunity to put on a little BBQ every time I visit and this visit was no exception. The notice was put out and we had a full house.

The menu was grilled pork spare ribs marinated overnight in my Rueben's Rub, skewered shrimp, pork butt kabobs, asparagus, broccolini, spanish onions, and button mushrooms. Other sides were Asian chicken salad, fresh fruit salad, Guam red rice and and for dessert one fantastic carrot cake. Unfortunately I did not take photos of everything.

Here are some of those photos that I was able to take.....

My sister, Cynthia on the left, skewering the shrimp. Our very close family friend, Sharon, helping out. 

My brother-in-law John doing a little breakfast.

St. Louis style pork spare ribs.

Grilled shrimp with olive oil and Rueben's Rub

Red rice, spare ribs and marinaded chicken and pork kabobs.

Grilled asparagus, broccolini, button mushrooms, spanish onions, shrimp, fruit salad, Asian salad, lime slices and Salsa Ranchero.

Another view.

Chow Time!!!....

Your flash is pretty bright but.....

Nothing is going to get between me and my plate...Oh Yeah!!

Cynthia says you can keep talking but it won't stop me from eating.

Sharon and Jeannie renewing old friendships. Two great people.

Talking story. It must be a good one to stop Ella in her tracks.

Savann loves the BBQ.

Savann is still loving the BBQ

Don't touch my plate till I wipe it clean.

Chicken Kabobs for the Vegan Carrie....

And the party continued....

Weldon is tapping out.

Along with cocktail time...

If it ain't Deadstick Wine, then it ain't wine period.

OK John, we all know you have the latest wine bottle opening gadgets.

Don't touch my stash!!

Like we don't know where it's at.

Paul knows exactly what to do.

John says, Hon, honest....this wine is not from your stash. Right John...

Steve admits Cynthia's stash was a good year. Thanks John!!

Wait!!! There's More....

We've got a lot to empty.

It's time to go but thanks for stopping by....

What a great gathering. We all left with full stomachs.

Well, that was in San Jose. Next stop is Santa Maria, BBQ mecca of California's Central Coast. However, one should never visit San Jose without stopping by Lloyd's Lounge, the topic of my next post.

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Master Griller in Training

Everyone knows that Guam is one BBQing crazy place. Everyone BBQs and grills here. Here is a picture of my youngest Grandson, Kaleb, applying his own techniques on the grill. 

Master Griller in Training

Yup, if they can hold a tong, you've got to put them on the grill.

You go BoBoy!!!

BTW, working on my San Jose Family BBQ post. Should be up within the next couple of days.

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Socorro, New Mexico....Days 2 & 3

Well, I have been a little busy catching up on my rest, eating and going to training. But with all that, I was able to cruise around Socorro for a couple of hours.

The weather in Socorro has been in the 70s with nighttime lows in the 50s. It is cold by Guam standards but I am enjoying the change in the weather from the tropics of Guam. The weather here is nice and dry.

The food, well when in New Mexico you have to eat Mexican food. I have eaten Mexican food in 3 different restaurants. The first evening I ate an early dinner at Frank and Lupe's "El Sombero". When you place your order the first thing they ask you is "Red or Green?". It threw me off but what it means is would you like red chili sauce or green chili sauce on you entree. You see New Mexico is the so called "Chili Capital of the World". Though the sauce is not fiery hot by Guam standards, it still packs a little punch and the flavor is fantastic!!!

Here are a few photos of El Sombero...

Really nice place.

On day 2, which was Sunday, I drove around town to see what was in Socorro. There is actually a lot of history to this town of about 9,000. Here are a couple of web sites about Socorro. Wikipedia and the Official City Government Web Page for Socorro, New Mexico.

Here are a few more photos that I took while driving around....

Old railway building.

The state fire academy is in Socorro.

Going to go check out the State Fire Academy.

Almost there. So excited......

Closed for the weekend!!!! Just my luck.

Plenty of big sky and beautiful country in New Mexico.

One of the old buildings in town.

New Courthouse.

Old mud adobe structure.

My favorite Mexican Restaurant, Don Juan's Cocina.

This structure is a very old, 1800s building. Used to be a hotel.

Old advertisement on the side of the old hotel.

Western wear shop.

Another old hotel. Vintage signage.

Armijo's, another good Mexican food restaurant where I had lunch.

Check out the menu and prices at Armijo's.

Inside at Armijo's.

My combination tamale, enchilada, taco, with beans and rice plate. This is like a Mexican "fiesta plate".

This is where I am staying. Nice place.

Hoping to get more photos of old town Socorro. It has been revitalized and is looking very good. Hopefully I will have some free time when I am not in training. We'll see. 

Adios for now.

Until next time....