Thursday, March 31, 2011

Santa Maria Style BBQ Pits

Hey Gang I am originally from Santa Maria, California, home of Santa Maria Style Barbeque. I wanted to send out some pictures of the type of pits we use there. Here are a number of pics and closeups of some of the components, hookups and welds...

 Typical Pit about 3' x 4' grill
(courtesy of Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters)

 Used brick pit with electric trigger to raise and lower grill

Same pit showing wood box full of red oak ready for Q'ing 

Close up of Electric trigger

Back side of lower gear, gear box and chain

Upper gear configuration

Burning the wood down to coals

Another manual gear box configuration of a built in Pit.

Smaller pit with rotisserie

Closer view of same pit

Close up view of how the grill is attached to stainless cable and grill channel

Custom made grill using stainless bars

Closeup view of handle and handle stop

Another double pit, manual raise

Gear box for the pit

Grill cable hookup and grill channel

Closeup of upper cross members between both grill assemblies

Upper cable hookup

Another view of double grill pit

Grill inside Jocko's BBQ in Nipomo, Calif. full of 3 in. Spencer Steaks

Closeup of Jocko's Grill

Though these pictures are were not taken on Guam, we do use a few of these pits here.

For some of you who may be interested in this style of pits, you can see more designs at Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters,

Until next time....


Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters said...

Thanks for the great review! We appreciate your business & glad you enjoy this way of cooking as much as we do!

Rueben said...

Hey, I was born and raised in the Santa Maria area and I know how great these pits are. I just wish our Home Depot on Guam would carry your pits. They would go like hotcakes here.
Keep making those pits. They're great!!!

r. ceja said...

what type of gear boxes are those, and where can you find them.
robert c.

Rueben said...

R. Ceja, I am glad you asked. But I will have to get the answers from my Uncles who built the pits. But you can also inquire from Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters. Their phone number is Toll Free: (877) 347-2709. They should be able to get you an answer. I will get back to you.

Thank you for visiting my site though and be checking back from time to time and when I have your answer, I will post the reply here.

Adios for now,

r. ceja said...

thanks rueben. those are nice pits.

Rueben said...

r. ceja, I think this style of pit is the absolute best for grilling. The fire is never too hot because all you have to do is raise the grill up a little. And then just lower it as the fire burns down. Perfect grilling everytime.

"r", still working on getting an answer for you.