Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Porterhouse Steak on the Grill

Who doesn't like steak?? We love it!! And my neighbor Harold grilled up a few for our monthly get-together. Steak of choice.....big, fat, thick and beautifully marbled Porterhouse. All I can say is that we were in steak Nirvana. Take a look for yourselves....

On the grill with a simple dry rub.

These four 3/4 inch Porterhouse steaks took up the whole grill space. And when we put each one on the plate, there wasn't a whole lot of room for anything else. That dilemma really caused me to suffer.......NOT!!!!

The Master of Disaster himself, Harold Fellows, retired USN.

Talk about "melt in your mouth" tender. And of course we had our variety of sides to go along with the steaks such as red potato salad, barbecue beans, Spanish Rice, BBQ'd eggplant, and hot wings. We also had a little dessert..... carrot and red velvet cupcakes.

Great company, food, and weather....another super day on Guam.

Until next time....

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