Monday, July 9, 2012

What do you BBQ??

Chicken and Pork Loins

I get visitor's to my blog from all over the world. I so appreciate all the visits and comments. But every time I get a visit from another country, I can't help but wonder "What do you BBQ there?" So here is my request......

Roast Pig using "La Caja China".

I would ask that any of you please send to me, via my email attached to my profile "About Me" on my blog home page, your favorite dish to BBQ, smoke or cook outdoors. What is popular to cook using traditional methods in your area. 

Grilling soy marinated Cross-cut beef short ribs.

Please send me pictures of what you cook and all the action that goes with it, any recipe that you care to submit and a little brief about yourself and your area. Here is my email just in case you can't find it:

Wouldn't mind posting those either. Of course with your permission only!

Grilling Mahi Mahi (Dorado, Dolphin Fish).

Let's show the world how you throw down around a grill or smoker. I know everyone would like to know and see how you do it. I know I do!!!!

Until next time....


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Outstanding idea Rueben. I love new ideas and techniques. That is why I love your blog! I may steal the idea...;)



Rueben said...

Thanks Bill. I am just as curious as the next person. We have a passion and we want to see how others carry out theirs.

BTW, I am going to do a Chamorro Burger next Wednesday and if is well I would like to send you that post. This will be a special burger. Whatcha think?

Been loving your posts. Thanks for the visit Bill.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I'm all in for that. Bring it on.

Not only is it a passion, it is an addiction!

Take care,


Rueben said...

EEEE HAAAAA!!!!! Let's Ride!!!!