Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guam Grouper BBQ

Living on a tropical island you just have to love seafood. One of my favorites is Grouper. Here is some information about groupers so you know what I am talking about: Grouper Info.

As some of you may already know, I love to fish. On a recent bottom fishing trip we caught some poundage and I just had to BBQ one of my favorites....the Red Grouper pictured above. Other names for this particular grouper is Gadao, Lapulapu, Lyretail Grouper, just to name a few. But one thing is for certain, they are delicious BBQ'd.

The prep is fairly basic. Here is what I do:

I scaled and gutted the fish and cleaned the body cavity out real good with a strong water nozzle. Does the trick everytime.

Then I made 3 diagonal slices on each side of the body to allow for the seasoning to penetrate better.

I oiled the fish down with olive oil so it doesn't stick on the grill. The oil also gives the fish a little extra crispiness once it is BBQ'd.

Then I season the fish inside and out with sea salt, rubbing the salt into the flesh.

And the next step is to grill, or as we say on Guam, BBQ the fish.

It takes maybe about 10 minutes per side over my wood flame fire. I have my grill up about 1 foot over the coals. 

After having BBQ'd both sides, I sit him up and Que the inside just a bit. I don't want to dry the flesh out.

The "cheek" muscle is the tastiest part of this fish. We call it the filet mignon of the fish.

Here is the business end of the grouper. Don't put your hand in there. It may tickle just a little..

So no more than 30 minutes later, it's chow time!!!!

What I did not mention was that this was a special request by my wife, Lupe. I included some pics of her at the dinner table.

Lupe wasted no time with her feast. By the time I got settled down with my camera, she had finished almost half of the fish.

Lupe's meal would not be complete without her finadenne' (Guam hot sauce).

This is where Lupe "totches" or dips her every morsel in for some extra "pika" before it goes "down the hatch"!!!

Now doesn't Lupe look like a happy camper?? She is concentrating so hard she doesn't even know I'm there or so it seems. And she knows that whole fish is hers. Even has her little basket of fresh calamansi lemon right in front of her for that extra tang. Lupe knows how to eat her fish.

Well, folks...that is how it's done here. And this is happening all over the island everyday. It's like we can BBQ everyday, but we get serious on the weekends here on Guam.

So if you like to BBQ or eat out and have a great food fest and maybe even enjoy a few "cocktails", Guam is the place. You will never forget a trip to Guam. I guarantee it!!!

Until next time....


Unknown said...

That looks awesome! Those are great shots too!

Rueben said...

Thanks for the kind comments Glamo Nails. The flavor was great also according to Lupe. I think it is pretty obvious that she really enjoyed her meal.

You and your hubby will just have to come over the next time I BBQ some Gadao....

Stop on by my blog site again anytime. Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

(:{ -Dad- Hahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

looks really good

Rueben said...

Lupe had no complaints. She devoured it!!!

Thanks for the visit and comment Anonymous!!

Please visit again..

-Rueben- (:{