Monday, February 27, 2012

Tri Tip BBQ on Guam for Two!!

I originally hail from Santa Maria, California. Some of you may know Santa Maria as the home of "Santa Maria Style BBQ". We do a lot of prime rib and Tri-Tip there. Well, though I live on Guam, I still have to have my Tri Tip.

For those of you who do not know what the beef tri tip cut is, here are a few links about tri tip and Santa Maria Style BBQ:

We love tri tip and the weather has been so gorgeous lately that I suggested to Lupe, my wife of 35 yrs., that we BBQ the tri tip in the freezer. She was all for that. So my original menu plan was BBQ'd tri tip, homemade chili with sirloin chunks, macaroni salad, BBQ'd red potato slices and octopus kelaguen (same concept as ceviche). So we were going Cowboy all the way with a little island flair thrown in. After all we are on a tropical island. However Lupe cancelled the octopus because we still had fish kelaguen to eat. Not a problem.

So here are a few pics of our Sunday evening.....

We had a beautiful Guam evening. Seems to be a lot of those here!!

I have 3 pits set up in different areas of my property so that I don't have to keep moving them around. This is an old gas BBQ grill that I modified for wood and charcoal. Works great. This area is by my greenhouse on one of the upper levels of my property. My property is terraced into 3 levels. Lighting was by Tiki torch and candlelight mostly.

The beef tri tip seasoned and ready for the grill. The backside is the fat layer.

Tri tip on the grill in the spotlight!!!

It is getting there. Not too much longer. Tri tip is typically a 45 minute grill time.

I sliced a few pieces off because Lupe likes her beef well done. Will it dry out? We shall see...

Well, does it look dry to you? Now I know that there are a lot of folks that tell you don't use a fork to turn meat with because it will allow all the juices to escape and dry out your meat. But again, what do you think?

Here are the meat and potatoes. Red potatoes are all we use. A whole lot sweeter than Russet. Great flavor. The chili is on the grill in a pot and the rest, well it's all on the table. 

Macaroni salad by candlelight. Hey, I am with my wife and I like to have a romantic dinner, even if we are in the middle of our garden.

Tri tip is cut up into small pieces ready for me. Lupe's meat is on the right side next to the potatoes.

Well, we had a great candlelight dinner under the stars here on Guam......again!!!!!

That's what I call Tri Tip BBQ for Two on Guam!

Until the next time....


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Ruben, That looks great. I love my tri-tip. Have you ever considered smoking? Might want to to that a try...

Rueben said...

panthers76, glad you stopped by for a visit. I'm like you, luv a good tri-tip!!!

I don't know if I have ever smoked a tri-tip before. But I might as well give it a try.

Done a lot of brisket, sirloin, chuck, just about everything. Tuna is one of my favorites. Great stuff!!

Thanks for the suggestion. I will post it when I do smoke that tri-tip.