Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baked Reef Fish the Island Way

On the island of Guam, seafood is always at every BBQ. And of all that seafood, fish is the most popular. I want to showcase a different way to cook fish. This is a style that was completely new to me when I first came to Guam, about 27 years ago. This involved baking the fish. Though there are quite a few varieties for this style, here is a very common method.

First thing you have to do is either catch or buy the fresh reef fish. Click here to view reef fish.

On this occasion we baked parrot fish. These fish are called parrotfish because they have a beak similar to a parrot.

Here are a number of Parrotfish. The heads have been removed to be used in soup later.

I am pointing to the beak of the fish.

Closeup of the head.

Parrotfish are very meaty.

A cut is made along the lateral line and salt is applied.

Then the entire fish is rubbed down with a mayo mix that includes garlic powder and black pepper.

The entire fish is completely rubbed down.

As you can see the mayo mix is applied very liberally.

Then the fish is stuffed with tomatoes and onions.

Now this is ready to be wrapped in the tin foil.

The fish is on the tin foil and ready to be closed up.

Front view of the fish. Then the fish is wrapped up, folding the tin foil seams so that the steam does not escape. And once that is completed baked at 375 F for 45min. to 1 hr. depending on the size of the fish. At this point you can either take the fish out or open up the foil and continue baking to allow the fish to brown. This is a personal preference.

Here is the finished product. Served with tartar sauce or my favorite, lemon finadene.

There you have it. Baked stuffed fish, the island way.

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cowgirl said...

Looks wonderful Rueben! The parrot fish are very interesting looking...thank you again for your post. I learn so much when I visit here. :)

Rueben said...

Thank you again Cowgirl. The parrot fish have a great meat texture. Firm but forgiving and not too fishy tasting. Filet and diced are great for ceviche. Can be delicate to BBQ so you need to be careful. Hey, try this style with crappie or bass. I think it will work out just fine. <:)