Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BBQ'd Beef Short Ribs

I'm not really a big beef eater anymore, but every once in a while I just gotta BBQ some. That's because I love to BBQ everything!!!

Well on this occasion I decided on something a little different. Beef ribs. I wanted the ribs to be somewhat bite sized so I had them cut into thirds. This cut also takes up the marinade a lot better than a whole rib. But as we say, it's all good.

Here are a few photos of what I did....

The ribs are marinated in our famous island soy/vinegar marinade.

Close up of these marbled ribs.They look so good.

Got my baked potatoes going on the coals.

Use lump charcoal and hickory chips for these ribs. 

Basic salt and pepper. Coming along real nice.

These puppies are ready.

Served on the table.

This was just an evening dinner for my wife Lupe and I. Accompanied by a simple green salad, beans, coal-baked potatoes and finadene. I like to say that this was sinimple (my word for simpler than simple).

The moral of the story.....change up that BBQ menu!!! We sometimes keep BBQing the same things over and over. I am glad I did because these ribs tasted great.

Until next time....

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