Friday, April 22, 2011

BBQ'd Oysters

BBQing or going to a BBQ is one of our favorite pastimes. You get great food, great company and generally have a great time. What's not to like? One of my favorite appetizers at any BBQ are BBQ'd oysters in their shells.

BBQ'd properly, and eaten island style, is a win-win for you and it's so easy. Here is what I do...

Cook the oysters with the larger part of the shell down on the grill. When you look at an oyster, of course the shell has two halves. One is larger and more pronounced than the other. You want to cook it with the larger shell half on the grill so that it will hold in all the oysters natural juices while cooking. If you BBQ it with the smaller, shallow side down, all the juices will drain out.

You will know when the oyster is finished cooking because the shell halves will separate. Do not overcook as this will dry the oyster meat out.

Once done, then pry off the top thinner shell half. Pour a little bit of lemon finadene and suck it all down.

The finadene tastes a lot better if you make it hotter by smashing more hot pepper in the sauce.

Go to my BBQGuam blog site for the recipe and instructions for the lemon finadene:

BBQ's oysters are a great sampler, or "chase-sa", as we say on Guam. It goes great with a nice ice-cold "cocktail" as well. Enjoy.

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