Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chamorro Village Night Market- The King of the Night Markets on Guam

If its a Wednesday night, the most popular place on Guam to be is the Chamorro Village. This place is jammed packed with people, food, arts and crafts and more.

Here is a web link providing a brief description of the Chamorro Village:

And here is a great video of the Chamorro Village:

Now that you know a little about what the Chamorro Village is all about, here are some pictures that I took on our (wife and I) last trip to the Village....Oh and if you are not hungry right now, let me warn you, you will be by the time you finish looking at these pictures....

BBQ or fried, Lyn's has it all.

Everyone has their own banner posted.

The fried banana lumpias are fantastic and a great deal for $2.

Fresh coconut is just one of the many natural drinks.

Fried fish, cooked vegetables, adobo, pancit....there is something for everyone.

These veges are cooked crisp, not soggy and the seasoning is definitely island style.

You can fill up your fiesta plate with BBQ beef, chicken, ribs, squid, and red rice for starters.

You always have service with a smile at Terry's Chamorro Food booth.

So many choices and just one box plate.

OK, and I'll take some of that too. Is there still more room on my plate? Of course Terry says.

Mark Terlaje, the original "Sticker Man", will custom make any sticker you good taste of course.

Looking for a particular Island print. Chances are you'll find it here.

The ocean's bounty, sea shells. This is a gorgeous display.

Cisco invites you to look at his custom carved native jewelry.

Here is a closeup of his handicrafts.

Yes, we do have the cultural dancers every evening.

It is still early and the crowds are thin.

One of the more popular food booths. There are usually long lines to get a plate here.

Kris BBQ, specializing in shish kabob. Voted that best Chicken Shish Kabob on the island.

The Kris BBQers hard at work.

Pit #1 going down the home stretch. Only a few more containers to grill.

We have got to fill this grill up, the people are lining up 10 deep.

Kris' Pit #2 going full steam ahead. 

The Pit #2 crew brought in the Ninja reinforcement.

The heat is on and the lines are backing up.

Turn, turn, turn, all night long.

Sweet Urge Juices and Confectioneries is another popular booth appeasing even the sweetest tooth.

Twilight at the Chamorro Village.

Specializing in fresh coconut drink, when done you can sample the coconut meat. It is very soft and flavorful. Here, the coconut is being cut in half with a machete.

Now he is splitting the two coconut halves apart.

Scooping out the young coconut meat for sampling.

The table line up at Kris BBQ.

What would you like to eat tonight. Remember, there is only so much room on your fiesta plate.

Customers being served and making the choices for their fiesta plate.

One of my favorites, shrimp patties. I have previously posted the recipe. Try it out.

BBQ ribs anyone??

 Pork Spare Ribs Adobo. The rigs are tender and the adobo juice is very tasty. I like to drizzle the juice over my white rice.

You've got cooked corn, lumpia, hot dogs on a stick (popular with the little ones), BBQ's shrimp on a stick. You may have to go back for a second plate.

Yes, the choices are difficult at the Chamorro Village.

My wife and I had another great night out. It is so nice to be able to do something like this 2 or 3 nights a week.

Until next time.


cowgirl said...

That just looks fantastic! Thanks so much for posting! It makes me want to move to Guam. lol

Rueben said...

Cowgirl, it's such a great value also. One fiesta plate with BBQ chicken, spare ribs, one shish kabob, pancit and rice goes for $7.

Anonymous said...

Malago yu' negkanno i kanno' Chamoru.

Rueben said...

@ Anonymous- Hunggan, maolek i kanno' Chamoru.