Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm in the Philippines

Just wanted to let everyone know, the reason you haven't seen any Guam BBQ posts lately is that I am in the beautiful Philippines having a medical checkup.

Of course, when I return to Guam, I will be able to start up my quest again about all things BBQ'd on Guam.

I am due back on the 18th of April. In the meantime I have posted a few photos that I took from the very large International Airport to the St. Luke's Medical Center, where I am staying for now.

Just for info, St. Luke's Medical Center in Global City is a world class facility. Quite honestly, I have never been in a nicer facility than this. And I have been around. The staff treat everyone like a VIP, and I mean VIP. Apparently there are so many qualified persons looking for work in the P.I. that one foul up here could mean your job. It makes sense to me. The facilities are spotless. They have just about every diagnostic machine imaginable. It is a very complete facility.

There are separate high rise wings for the hospital, Doctor's offices, etc. On the ground floor there are restaurants and other shops. Everything you could possibly want. And they even pick you up at the airport and take you back when you are ready to fly out. You don't have to worry about a thing when you are coming to St. Luke's. My insurance company made all the arrangements. I did take care of my own travel. I had to do something. The service was just so complete.

Here are just a few photos:

Leaving Guam. Looking down on Tumon Bay.

Flying over the countryside in the Philippines going towards Manila.

Closing in on Manila.

Outskirts of Manila.

Part of the Manila skyline.

A little blurry but this shows just one of the types of neighborhoods in the Manila area.

Driving to the hospital without lanes. It is jungle rules and a lot of use of your horn. It was quite an adventure. That is a "Jeepney". Jeepneys are like mini privately owned buses. They are modified jeeps. They can be quite colorful.

This is an outside male urinal. First time I have ever seen one.
The gentleman using this urinal just parked his car at the curb and did his business.
It gives "Park and Ride" a whole new meaning.

Approaching Global City, location of St. Lukes Hospital

Front of St. Luke's Hopital. It goes up to 16 floors.

Wellness Center patient lounge. Drinks, snacks, soups, sandwiches are all free and never run out.
The Wellness Center takes up only a portion of the 7th floor. This is where Executive Check Ups are done.

Computer stations for your use with internet. Internet and WiFi is available throughout for your use. Its free.

Everyone gets a private room here. My 2 day and 1 night stay to include a complete Check Up was only about $750. And believe me, the check up is very thorough.

Each room has its own refrigerator and TV with DVD player and of course phone.

Nighttime view outside my window.

Daytime view outside my window.

Hallway with patients rooms.

Courtyard on the 7th floor in case you want some fresh air. Perfect place to hold a large BBQ.

They have these fresh flower arrangements in every hallway and nook and crannie.

Other views from my room.

All the chain restaurants are located all over the place as well as great local cuisine.

I know that this has nothing to do with BBQing on Guam, but I thought that I would share my experience with those that have never been to Manila in the Philippines. Like any major city in the world, Manila has its own diverse neighborhoods and people. It is a large and spread out country consisting of over a hundred islands.

Hope I didn't bore all of you.

Until next time....


cowgirl said...

They are great pictures, thank you for posting.
Hope your checkup goes well!

Rueben said...

Thank you. Everything is good. Almost done. Can't wait to get back home and BBQ some more for the family.

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Rueben said...

Anonymous, let me must be one of my granddaughters, right?