Thursday, June 23, 2011

Featured Web Site...BBQ Critic.Com

Hafa Adai everyone!!! From time to time I will feature a web site that I feel is quite interesting and will benefit everyone's BBQ adventures. BBQCRITIC.COM is one of those web sites.

This web site is comprised of certified BBQ judges. They tell it like it is and explain the how and why of their judging. Now this is important because you can pick up many valuable tips on what the judges look for, both good and not as good with regards to BBQ competition submissions.

This site has many features that are just plain great!!! One of my favorites is the "Judge My Box" feature. This feature basically receives competition BBQ meat boxes that has been submitted and the on-line judges offer their critique. The comments posted are from other judges that give their opinions and why. Now if this doesn't open your eyes on how to BBQ better and turn in a better presentation at a competition or even at home, then I don't know what will.

Take my word on this. There is just a lot of valuable information here.

I hope you go to the site. You will definitely learn a lot more about least I did.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for nice story, Rueben! You have a nice site yourself. I hope BBQ Critic will continue to make a positive impact on the BBQ community.

BBQ Critic

Rueben said...

I am sure BBQ Critic will be a very positive force. If anyone wants to improve their BBQing, you site will definitely help them there.
I will be checking your site often. Thank you for the compliment on my site and hope you check back from time to time.