Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Non-Stick Fish on the Grill

Most of us just love BBQ'd fish. That smoke flavor adds to the exotic flavor that fish have when cooked over the grill. But I know many of us have problems with fish sticking to the grill. I have a solution for you.

In Guam, we traditionally use use the fronds from the banana or coconut leaf. We cut the remaining rib into short lengths and use these to create a natural rack under the fish. Here is a picture:

But what are you going to do if there are no coconut or banana trees in your neighborhood? Here's one possible solution. Use your shish kabob rack.
Brinkman makes a very good and relatively inexpensive rack and skewer combo. Here is a web site for illustration and pricing:

I just set up the rack, place all the skewers on the rack and the fish on top of this and there you have it. Though these skewers are advertised at non-stick, I still spray them down with a nonstick spray and I always rub my fish down with olive oil before I apply my dry  rub.

Here are some pictures of the last time I BBQ'd fish.....

Parrotfish being BBQ'd on the rack. Parrotfish is notorious for being a very delicate fish that will fall apart if not handled very carefully.

Another view. You can probably make out the kabob rack under the fish if you look very close.

Here is a close up of the finished product. This fish was cooked perfect with no sticking or tearing of the flesh whatsoever.

Here are some photos of the shish kabob rack:

You can reuse this as many times as you want. I can't do that with the coconut and banana rack system. And if you have a larger fish, just use multiple racks.

I hope this will help out some of you.

Until next time....


kej said...

this is genius. Thank you

Rueben said...

Thanks Kej. We do a lot of fish here so we are always trying to make it easier. This is the way to go. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back soon.