Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quick Steak Dinner

Smoked some tuna the other day and thought it would be a shame to waste all those coals so I slapped on a Chuck steak. 

Now a Chuck steak may not seem like anything special, but they are a great value. They have a great flavor and are tender if you choose the right steak. It must be very marbled. And Chuck steaks are very inexpensive.

Take a look at this steak...

Look at those juices flowing out. I wish I could find a way to keep all those flavor juices in.

Flipped over and looking good.

I like my steak medium and that is what I have here.

Steak, peppers, salad and white rice, simple but delicious.

Well, my wife and I had a great little impromptu dinner having made use of those leftover coals. I can think of worse things to do, but this wasn't one of them.

Just another way to end the day.

Until next time....


Xreme D said...

Oh man...this looks SO good! And just WHERE was my invite? Just imagine, had I have been there and in the picture, this meal would have been award winning....imma just sayin.

Rueben said...

Extreme D, you have a standing invitation any time. The door swings in as well as out. Come on by. The photo ops are waiting.