Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Santa Maria Style BBQ...the real story.

A lot of folks out there wonder what is all the hoopla about Santa Maria Style BBQ. It is a very basic direct grilling method than originated back in California during the Spanish rule. But that was then. This is now...

This program, produced in Santa Maria Ca., covers the history, preparation, and cooking of Top Block as told by the pioneer's of Santa Maria Style BBQ. It also covers tri tip, which is not the original Santa Maria Style BBQ. Thank you to Ike Simas of the Santa Maria Elks, and Gary Vierra of Phil's Ol' Butcher Shop in Grover Beach, Ca.

Produced by TSM Productions; Santa Maria, Ca.

I want to thank all those who were responsible for making this video.

Here is the web link:  http://youtu.be/I22FodX885c

Until next time....

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