Monday, September 12, 2011

Firefighter's Celebrate Labor Day at Toves Beach, Agat

Guam Fire Department firefighters on the "B" Platoon celebrated their Labor Day by BBQing at Art Toves' beach in the southern village of Agat, Guam.

The beach is a hidden jem. Located in between the old Mobil gas station and the old Buccaneer Lounge, it lies back from the road obscured by vegetation and banana trees.

Here are some pictures of the beach ranch...

Looking out towards the main road.

Looking from the grass area towards the beach.

Peaking out through the coconut trees. 

A view of the beach looking north.

A view of the water looking straight out west. 

A view of the beach looking south. 

The kitchen and restroom (on the right) areas.

Part of the large grass area.

Another view of the grass area and kitchen.

Close up of the kitchen area, complete with refers and sinks with running water. 

BBQ area.

Another view of the BBQ area.

So as you can see, this beach "ranch" has it all. I did not take any pictures of the large area where you can park your vehicles and play volleyball. But this place is big.

Before I move along with the BBQ pictures, I would like to say a few words about Mr. Art Toves (He is pictured on the right of the photo). He is a proud man in his 80s and a World War II survivor. He survived the Japanese occupation of Guam and what's more, he was lucky enough to survive the atrocities committed by those occupiers. He told me, in his own words, he has been fortunate. He is a man of means, all of which has been self-made. And he has a fantastic family. Though Mrs. Toves has passed, bless her soul, all of their children are still living. Some live in the states and some on Guam. Mr. Toves has a very close relationship with his faith and the Catholic Church on Guam. He has been known to donate for good causes. He is very generous. He is also a very down to earth human being. Just an all around great individual. He is part of Guam history. I feel honored to know him and his family.

On to the BBQ. Well there were quite a few firefighters, their families and friends that joined us for this Labor Day BBQ. The food was great. We had fun BBQing and there was definitely plenty of refreshments for everyone.

Here a photos of the event.

Setting up the canopy...

The BBQing...

The table set up...

Let's dig in...


Sunset at Toves Beach, Agat...

And they just kept "socializing"...

Clifford and Jeff having a heart to heart.

You can't hide behind that can Mancini...

It's really hard being grumpy.

Lucky I'm the DD.

Son, don't take your eyes off me OK?

I better go before Jess eats all my Balutan (take home food).

Trust me Mans, I won't eat it all.

I'm getting very full.

My stomach is hurting. But I can do this.

Justin says, I got you Dad, don't worry.

Finally, sometime after 9:30 pm., we all left. Most of them went to the residence of Firefighter Jesse Acfalle to eat and drink some more. As for me, I tapped out and went home. This was my 4th BBQ this week and enough already!!!!

Special thanks to all those that made this event possible. You know who you are. And of course thank you to everyone for coming out and having a great time!!

I'd say give me a day of rest and we can start this all over again. Why you ask?........Because that's just what we do....

Until next time....


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of your Labor Day barbecue, Rueben!

Delicious looking spread - not to mention the great scenic location at which to hold your event, simply beautiful! Great bbq, cold brew, friends, and family - what more could one ask for?!!!

Keep the fire burning, Chelu!

Rueben said...

Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to enjoy our celebration. I appreciate your comments and you're is hard to beat great BBQ, cold brew, friends and family. These types of get-togethers are what Guam is all about.

Thanks for the visit Chelu.
-Si Rueben- (:{

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of your Labor Day celebration. What a beautiful place!

Rueben said...

Dear Cheryl, I am glad you were able to pay my site a visit. Thank you for the comments.

Don't forget to check out the recipe button at the top of the page. The Salsa Ranchero and many other recipes that you tried at the BBQ are there.

Should see you all next year. We are shooting for July when Fred does his wine bottling.

Adios for now,
-Rueben- (:{

Stacia said...

These pictures and your blog just make me miss Guam even more. I hope someday to get back there and have some great food and do some diving.

Rueben said...

Stacia, I know what you mean. If you really want something, you can always make it happen. The warm waters of Guam and the beautiful people will be waiting for you.

You make sure you get in touch with us and we will have a BBQ.

-Rueben- (:{