Friday, September 23, 2011

BBQ in San Jose, Cali

I stopped by in San Jose to pay a visit to my sister Cynthia and her husband John Vogelsanger. It is always a great experience when I visit them. One just cannot see enough of family.

They typically afford me an opportunity to put on a little BBQ every time I visit and this visit was no exception. The notice was put out and we had a full house.

The menu was grilled pork spare ribs marinated overnight in my Rueben's Rub, skewered shrimp, pork butt kabobs, asparagus, broccolini, spanish onions, and button mushrooms. Other sides were Asian chicken salad, fresh fruit salad, Guam red rice and and for dessert one fantastic carrot cake. Unfortunately I did not take photos of everything.

Here are some of those photos that I was able to take.....

My sister, Cynthia on the left, skewering the shrimp. Our very close family friend, Sharon, helping out. 

My brother-in-law John doing a little breakfast.

St. Louis style pork spare ribs.

Grilled shrimp with olive oil and Rueben's Rub

Red rice, spare ribs and marinaded chicken and pork kabobs.

Grilled asparagus, broccolini, button mushrooms, spanish onions, shrimp, fruit salad, Asian salad, lime slices and Salsa Ranchero.

Another view.

Chow Time!!!....

Your flash is pretty bright but.....

Nothing is going to get between me and my plate...Oh Yeah!!

Cynthia says you can keep talking but it won't stop me from eating.

Sharon and Jeannie renewing old friendships. Two great people.

Talking story. It must be a good one to stop Ella in her tracks.

Savann loves the BBQ.

Savann is still loving the BBQ

Don't touch my plate till I wipe it clean.

Chicken Kabobs for the Vegan Carrie....

And the party continued....

Weldon is tapping out.

Along with cocktail time...

If it ain't Deadstick Wine, then it ain't wine period.

OK John, we all know you have the latest wine bottle opening gadgets.

Don't touch my stash!!

Like we don't know where it's at.

Paul knows exactly what to do.

John says, Hon, honest....this wine is not from your stash. Right John...

Steve admits Cynthia's stash was a good year. Thanks John!!

Wait!!! There's More....

We've got a lot to empty.

It's time to go but thanks for stopping by....

What a great gathering. We all left with full stomachs.

Well, that was in San Jose. Next stop is Santa Maria, BBQ mecca of California's Central Coast. However, one should never visit San Jose without stopping by Lloyd's Lounge, the topic of my next post.

Until next time....

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