Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grandson Goes to Bootcamp so we BBQ!!!!!

Well, my oldest grandson, Jacob, is going to bootcamp. That's right, he is going to serve his country and the island of Guam. I am so proud that he has his head screwed on right. Great young man. So naturally a BBQ was thrown for him by the family.

The hosts were his Uncle VJ Santos and his lovely wife Aunt Stephanie, Hyundai, Santa Rita, Guam.

They put out a great event. That Uncle VJ can really cook!! And Aunt Stephanie can really bring it all together. Here are some photos of the prep....

PJ Baza grilling the beef shortribs.

Carlo Unpingco and PJ making sure everything is going well.

Turn, Turn, Turn!!!

Looking good....

Vince "Henry" Santos master meat cutter.

Checking for doneness.

Just right but for one thing..

Dipping for quality control.

Just like a shark, closes eyes when biting!!!

Beef ribs, rubbed and with Canola Oil.

Carlo is unwrapping the ribs from the foil pack.

FLAME ON!!!! Oil hits the fire....Carlo is one fast dude...

Ribs getting their crust on.

Grill Master VJ putting on the finishing touches.

Homemade brush from banana leaf.

VJ's special, secret fried chicken recipe.

But VJ allows PJ to fry it up.

Draining the oil. Chicken was so crispy, juicy and that secret recipe tasted outstanding. VJ, you are THE MAN!!!

This is the result of sampling too much BBQ. But look at that hand on that beer. Henry has skills!!!

Well everyone, that was about it for the BBQ. The meats were simple, skirt steak, beef ribs, beef short ribs, pork spare ribs and VJ's special fried chicken. 

I completely forgot to take pictures of the table spread with all the other dishes, but we had red rice, scalloped potatoes, lumpia (spring rolls), chicken keleguen (check recipes), sashimi, all kinds of salads and deserts and a whole lot more that I can't remember (it's becoming a habit).

Anyway forgive me for forgetting about not taking those pictures. Sometimes you are so hungry that you forget all about the little things. You know how that goes. But one thing was for certain, this crowed of about 80 peeps that came for Jacob's going away BBQ had a great time.

As for Jacob, hehehe......he is in his first couple of days of bootcamp now. I know what he is thinking..."What the hell am I doing here?"  All of you who served know the thought.

God Bless Our Military and protect them all!!!!!!

Until next time....


Xreme D said...

This is such a nice blog. Thanks dad! I miss my Jacob so much. I really think its going to be harder on me than him because I cry every day since he left. The house feels different and I feel like a part of me is missing. I know, what a wuss...oh well. I am so proud of him though and I know he will do just fine and probably be one of the top in his unit. I really hope Jacob gets a chance to see this at some point. If you do Jacob, just know that I LOVE U & MISS U and we are ALL proud of you.

Rueben said...

Jacob will be just fine. This experience will be a life changing one that will turn a boy into a man. You go Jacob!!!!