Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Socorro, New Mexico....Days 2 & 3

Well, I have been a little busy catching up on my rest, eating and going to training. But with all that, I was able to cruise around Socorro for a couple of hours.

The weather in Socorro has been in the 70s with nighttime lows in the 50s. It is cold by Guam standards but I am enjoying the change in the weather from the tropics of Guam. The weather here is nice and dry.

The food, well when in New Mexico you have to eat Mexican food. I have eaten Mexican food in 3 different restaurants. The first evening I ate an early dinner at Frank and Lupe's "El Sombero". When you place your order the first thing they ask you is "Red or Green?". It threw me off but what it means is would you like red chili sauce or green chili sauce on you entree. You see New Mexico is the so called "Chili Capital of the World". Though the sauce is not fiery hot by Guam standards, it still packs a little punch and the flavor is fantastic!!!

Here are a few photos of El Sombero...

Really nice place.

On day 2, which was Sunday, I drove around town to see what was in Socorro. There is actually a lot of history to this town of about 9,000. Here are a couple of web sites about Socorro. Wikipedia and the Official City Government Web Page for Socorro, New Mexico.

Here are a few more photos that I took while driving around....

Old railway building.

The state fire academy is in Socorro.

Going to go check out the State Fire Academy.

Almost there. So excited......

Closed for the weekend!!!! Just my luck.

Plenty of big sky and beautiful country in New Mexico.

One of the old buildings in town.

New Courthouse.

Old mud adobe structure.

My favorite Mexican Restaurant, Don Juan's Cocina.

This structure is a very old, 1800s building. Used to be a hotel.

Old advertisement on the side of the old hotel.

Western wear shop.

Another old hotel. Vintage signage.

Armijo's, another good Mexican food restaurant where I had lunch.

Check out the menu and prices at Armijo's.

Inside at Armijo's.

My combination tamale, enchilada, taco, with beans and rice plate. This is like a Mexican "fiesta plate".

This is where I am staying. Nice place.

Hoping to get more photos of old town Socorro. It has been revitalized and is looking very good. Hopefully I will have some free time when I am not in training. We'll see. 

Adios for now.

Until next time....

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