Thursday, September 8, 2011

Firefighter's Labor Day 2011

Every Labor Day, the Government of Guam hosts a Labor Day "Picnic" at world famous Ypao Beach. Here is a link about Ypao Beach. All the Government of Guam agencies come together to celebrate this special day. Hey... it's just another excuse for a BBQ, right? Like we need an excuse. But actually, everyone is quite motivated and it is one gigantic party at the beach. 

Here is Labor Day Address video by the Governor of Guam, the Honorable Eddie Baza Calvo.

And here are a few shots from the Guam Fire Department's little BBQ corner at Ypao Beach....

Team grilling the spare ribs.

Captain Steph flipping some bones.

Grill full.

Gotta keep em turning.

Future grill master in training.

Joey and Capt. Steph making sure the ribs are right.

Joey, Steph and Big Al

Jacob comes in for a view.

Gotta make sure the flavor is right. Into the abyss....

These ribs look great!!! Good job guys.

One more look. Ummmm.....

Captain Peter Blas doing his thing.

Look good enough to eat.

Sample "chasa" in the finadene sauce.

The chicken crew, Pete "Frosty" Cawili and Ed Manglona

Ed is a master griller.

And this is not Frosty's first rodeo.

Too easy.

Checking the bottom to make sure everything is just right. You go "Frosty"!!!

Chicken in and out of the marinade.

Getting there. Nice golden brown.

Here we go. Gotta fill up a couple of trays.

Captain Dean Soriano cutting up a few samples.

Here's some more says Capt. Steph.

Ok, break time and chillaxing in the shade.

Chief Uncangco having a little "cocktail" on a beautiful day.

Captain Sal and Ed.

Chief Uncangco, JDL Santos and Chief Wusstig.

Heating up the smoked meat (beef).

Tong Wars!!!!!!

Finishing up the smoked meat and spare ribs.

Cutting up the smoke meat.

This really has a delicious flavor.

Cutting it nice and thin.

Being placed in the serving tray.

Firefighter crowd in the shade.

Is that "politiking" I see?

Grilling the Lillilok (Emperor Fish) and tri tip.

Lillilok head shot.

Back shot.

Tri tip ready to come off the grill.

Grill set up (B-Pits 828 of Guam). 

Finishing up the chicken with Capt. Steph, Lt. Roy Siongco and Capt. Big Al.

Chief Roy Dirige on the right was the coordinator for this event. Great job Chief!!!

The "Boys".

And the "Governator".... Guam's Governor Eddie Baza Calvo. Thanks for stopping by Governor.

Well, all I can say is that we had a great time on a great day on a great island. That's what I call a great Labor Day.

Until next time....


cowgirl said...

Everything looks fantastic Rueben! What a feast! :)

Rueben said...

Cowgirl, we had fun. It was a great time. Unfortunately I failed to take a few pics of the tablespread with all the other food. There was about 5 tables full of food altogether.
We all left with full stomachs.
Thanks for the visit my friend...(:{