Thursday, May 5, 2011

BBq'd Pork Spareribs Because It's Thursday

BBQ because it's Thursday. What more of a reason do you need. A person has got to eat ya know.

It was another gorgeous day on Guam. Yeah, it was a little warm. Temp in the mid 80's. The humidity was in the high 80's low 90's. It was another good day for an afternoon BBQ. So I called my wife at work and told her to be ready for some pork spare ribs. Then I called my oldest daughter and asked her to come on by the house after work on the way home and stop for some BBQ. She said she was game.

That was all I really needed anyway, encouragement....a man on a mission.

I grabbed my U55D (Ugly 55 gal. Drum) and started the fire. And  folks, my drum is ugly. No paint, no plugs, no makeup or anything. But it holds and burns all the fuel I can give her. And the drum was free.

Burning Tangantangan wood (local wood with oak type smoke flavor). Also used coconut for that great island flavor.

For the ribs, I took 2 slabs and removed the membrane on the bone side and rubbed those puppies down with some rib rub. Click here for the contents

All rubbed down and ready for the grill.

Ribs are on the grill. The fire at a medium heat for about a 2 hour grilling time. This will give the ribs enough time to cook within the thickest parts and caramelize the rub without burning the sugar.

My wife and I just enjoyed the time together watching the late afternoon sun go down.

And when it came time to take those ribs off, it was the cutting board for them.

I think they are ready...

My second most favorite thing to do is slicing BBQ'd ribs. My first most favorite thing to do is eating the ribs once they're sliced.

These were served with mashed baby red potatoes and buttered mixed vegetables. My daughter and her husband and my wife and I all needed help getting up from the table. You know the feeling.

Yeah.....BBQing because it's Thursday.

Until next time.... 

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