Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where's the Beef??

If you are a true BBQ fanatic like most of us are, I'm sure you would be grilling or smoking some type of beef at least once a week. Some of you probably more often than that. But we need to change that beef menu as often as possible. Didn't someone say, "Variety is the spice of life?" I'm sure they had to be talking about BBQing beef.

I find myself referring to this site every now and then for new ideas on how to spice up a beef dish. The site name is "Beef for Food Service Professionals"

Here is one of the download-ables on their web site:

And of course I am sure all you BBQers would be interested in this download-able document:

Give their site a looksie. There is a lot of great stuff here. I'm sure you'll find something you will want to try.

Until next time....

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