Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Bunelos Dagu (Making Yam Donuts) on Guam

Typically once a year on Guam, the harvesting of Dagu (Yam) occurs. Usually around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. One of the local favorites from the Dagu are Bunelos (donuts).

Here is our family video, unedited, on all the steps from the harvesting of the Dagu to the eating of this delicious holiday favorite. I apologize for the video quality as I lost resolution on the conversion.

And that's how it's done.

Though it is not the professional production, I hope you found it interesting and informational.

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cowgirl said...

Very interesting Rueben! Thanks to you and family for sharing. I imagine the donuts are delicious!

Rueben said...

Cowgirl, this is a very traditional dish. Not too many Guamanians have ever seen the whole process on video. I plan on making a more formal video this season (Nov/Dec). The donuts are delicious when eaten right after they are fried. You just can't stop eating them.

Believe me, anyone from Guam would really appreciate this video. It will remind them of home.

Rueben said...

They're great. You dip them in syrup after frying.

This is a very traditional process that will remind all those from Guam about home.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching your video from harvesting to making the dagu donuts. I hope to see more instructional videos. Does Lupe have a recipe? You have a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter. Many thank, Wenie

Rueben said...

Anonymous, thank you so much for the lovely comments about my wife and daughter. I'm glad you enjoyed the video also. It was just a home video that I decided to put up on my blog.

Regarding the recipe, my wife just mixes the batter by experience, feel and taste. But I will ask her to write down the recipe the next time she makes bunelos dagu and I will post that recipe on my recipe page.

Hope that you will be visiting my blog from time to time for updates.

Paula Quinene said...

Hafa Adai! Awesome and thanks for getting this out there!!! paula quinene

Rueben said...

Paula, thanks for the visit. I try to bring Guam out to the masses. If you have the time, check out my BBQGuam blog.

I am a fan of yours. You bring it real. Great work and love your videos. So practical and easy to follow.

Adios for now.
-Si Rueben- (:{