Friday, May 20, 2011

BBQ'd Chicken Wings with Sweet Chili Sauce

As you all probably know by now, I love to eat BBQ'd chicken. Another twist to BBQ'd chicken is to marinade your chicken with Asian Sweet Chili Sauce.

This type of marinade will take a little longer to soak in. It's a little on the thick side. It also contains sugars so you have to be very careful not to allow this coating to blacken too much when you are BBQing. This means that you must have the fire just right or the chicken the right distance from the fire if you have a grill that you can raise and lower.

If you are not acquainted with sweet chili sauce, here is a picture of one of the more popular brands on Guam.

Photo courtesy of Mama Sita's

The sauce is a thick, sweet & sour type with garlic. So you have the sweetness of the sugar, the tanginess of the vinegar and of course a very pronounced garlic flavor. It all really works together. You can also use this sauce as a sweet and sour dipping sauce. Or you can make your own sauce. Here is the link to my Sweet Chile Sauce recipe:

Anyway, I put my chicken wings in a sealable plastic bag with the sauce and let if marinate in the refer for about 4 hours. I didn't use any rub as I want to be able to taste the subtleness of the sweet chili sauce. Of course during this time I am preparing the rest of the meal and getting the fire ready in the pit.

Then I slap the wings on the grill.

I cook them about 15 minutes each side, making sure they don't burn. Towards the end, I brush the chicken with a light coat of the sweet chili sauce for a little glaze.

And then you have the finished product.

It's easy, quick and great tasting.

Add a little taste of Asia to you next meal and try it out.

Until next time....

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