Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Know about Grillmasters...What about the Chowmasters?? The other side of BBQ..

We have heard a lot about all you Grillmasters out there. But we hear very little about the Chowmasters. What would a BBQ be without Chowmasters. Remember, for every Grillmaster, there are 10 Chowmasters.

This post is dedicated to them. I have protected their identities in case they are wanted for child support or by stalkers...

Welcome Aboard!!

It really is very tender....really!!

He's just like that.

This is my first one....honest.

Umm, Umm, Good.

What do you mean there's no more!!!

If I can just eat a few more before she gets back.

If I can just eat a few more before he gets back...

Yo!!!.....That had a little too much spice.

Damn this is hot, but it is soooo good.

No one messes with my chicken legs!!!

It's almost in there...

You want to go to the hospital!!!  Can we finish eating first?

You found a "what" in the cake?

That is one long spaghetti...

I get the whole pot to myself...

Oh yeah...I'm just thrilled to be here. Can't you tell?

That was Habanero pepper?!!!! Holy #*^%!!!

Sour? Naw...what gave you that idea?

This is only my 10th rib. What is the record? Does my hair still look good?

Am I getting sick? No...why?

Never mind the plate. I'll eat it out of the pot!!

This is my 1st shot of Red Stag..why?

Thanks for visiting....Adios!!!

Until next time....


cowgirl said...

Haha.. Great post Rueben!! :)

Rueben said...

Hey, sometimes we forget about the little guys or should I say, as a result of eating a lot of BBQ, some of the bigger persons. Without them, our animals would be eating great meals. HeHe!!