Sunday, May 1, 2011

Firefighter BBQ at Shelton, Asan, Guam

You probably know already that we firefighters need very little reason to get together for a BBQ. Well one such BBQ was held at the "fisherman's hut" at an area known locally as "Shelton" in Asan, Guam.

On any typical day there would be anywhere from 5-10 fisherman fishing the area directly in front of the hut. But not on this day. It was reserved for our BBQ so we had the whole beach to ourselves. Here are a few of the pics from that day....

Like I said, we had a nice empty beach to enjoy.

Looking to the north, the beach is still empty.

Grill Master, Frank Santos, taking care of business.

Little bit of smoked meat getting heated up.

Frank also has some brisket chunks on the BarBe.

This brisket was grilled to perfection and it was so very tender. I still don't know how Frank did it.

It is definitely 'Happy Hour" with these guys.

Grill Masters Frank Santos and Andrew Palomo

These firefighters are really having a great time!!!!

The food was great, the drinks were cold and the company was the best. What more could you ask for....Well maybe we could ask to DO IT AGAIN!!!!!

Until next time....


The Head Pig said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. I just found your site, please keep posting.

Rueben said...

Thank you. Welcome aboard. Don't forget to visit my other blog,

Hope to see you there.

cowgirl said...

Looks great Rueben!! Now, not only do I want to move to Guam, I want to join the fire department! lol
Everything looks fantastic...

Rueben said...

Come on over. There is always room for Cowgirl on our department. You would fit right in. No doubt about it. You would have a blast on Guam!!!